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How do I stop my streaming device from tracking me?

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Streaming devices like Apple TV and Google Chromecast may be tracking your information. Here is how you can stop them.

You may have read about the revelation that some Smart TV’s have been tracking you without you knowing. Vizio were handed a massive fine for installing tracking software and not telling customers it was there or how to turn it off. We recently released an article advising you how to turn off ad tracking on other smart TV brands.

In this article we show you how to turn off ad tracking services on your streaming device (please note: you may find your settings are slightly different depending on your version of the device and it’s software but the principles should still be be the same).

Amazon Fire TV

If you have the new user interface on your Amazon Fire TV box or stick – Click on the Home Button on your remote and when the option appear on the TV screen scroll across to Settings. Now select Preferences then in the next level of options scroll down to Advertising ID and select this option. In here turn off Interest-based Ads.

If your Fire TV device used the older interface you need to click on the Home Button on your remote, scroll down to Settings and select System. Now you should scroll down and select Advertising ID and finally you should turn of the option titled Interest-based Ads. (Please be aware these devices are also governed by Amazon’s Device Terms of Use and its’ general Privacy Notice.)

Apple TV

If you own the newer Apple TV (released in 2015) – Turn on your Apple TV so that it is active on your TV screen. Find and select Settings (the gear shaped icon). Within the settings options scroll down and select the option titled Privacy. In here you select Limit Ad Tracking and choose to turn this ON. There will be a few other options within the Privacy settings that you can choose to turn off if you prefer.

On the older Apple TV you should select Settings (the gear icon) then look for the option titled General and select it. In here you should change the option Send Data to Apple to No.

Google Chromecast

As the Chromecast is a device used to cast/stream from your mobile device to your TV you will need to head over to the Home App installed on your phone or tablet to amend the Chromecast settings. Open the Chromecast Home app on your smart device and select the Menu icon (this may look like three small lines located in the top left corner). From the menu options that appear select Devices and look for the Chromecast device you want to amend (when setting up your Chromecast you may have named it something like Living Room etc). Once you have located the correct device tap on the three dots that are located in the upper left area of box it is shown in. From here choose Settings and uncheck the box next to the option titled ‘Send Chromecast device usage data and crash reports to Google’.

Other devices

We have listed advice for some of the most popular devices but if yours isn’t listed or you have any concerns do contact the provider for further support.


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