Thursday, November 21

Can I use a mouse with my Android phone or tablet?

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This might seem like a strange question but it is actually possible and very useful!

Having the option to use a mouse with your Android device is something you might think you might not ever have a use for but you might be surprised.

How do I connect a mouse to my Android device?

You will notice that your Android device doesn’t have a USB port to allow you to connect a device like a mouse so you are going to have to use an adapter. What you need is called an On-The-Go cable (known as OTG) and it is an adapter that plugs in to the Micro-USB port on your Android device and allows a full size USB device to be connected to the other end. They aren’t expensive and can be found quite easily online or in good technology retail stores. It is important to note that not all Android devices offer the right software / hardware to support additional external devices like a mouse so be sure to check your device has this capability before purchasing a new adapter.

How does it work?

If your Android phone or tablet supports external peripherals like the mouse, once it is connected you will see the well known cursor icon appear. Once this is showing and the mouse shows it is connected you can use the mouse as you would on a desktop computer or laptop. Navigate around your phones interface and click to enter applications as you would normally. You can still use the touchscreen as usual when the mouse is plugged it.

When is using a mouse with your Android device useful?

If you use your tablet or phone to browse the internet on a regular basis you can choose to prop the device up and use the mouse to navigate around your web pages with ease. This allows you to move the page without your fingers getting in the way of what you are looking at. Using a mouse with your Android device is also great for those who suffer with dexterity issues. You can also use a wireless mouse for extra flexibility and ease of use.


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